Local Water Damage and Flood Restoration in Northbrook

Project Location:   Hawthorne Woods, IL

Project Type:   Basement Flood & Water Damage Restoration

This project in Northbrook, IL was the result of a water leak from a bathroom on the first floor. The water had leaked down to the basement damaging the drywall.  The water leak had gone unnoticed which soaked into the drywall all the way around the perimeter of this basement. The water leak also saturated the basement floor.  Our quick action and commercial grade air-movers and Hepa de-humidifiers helped save the flooring. Take a moment to review the images which document the water restoration work that we completed in Hawthorne Woods.

 This Flood and Water Damage Restoration Project in Hawthorne Woods included:

  • Isolation of work area, covering all vents and entrances to the basement to keep sediment and debris from contaminating the HVAC and/or other parts of the home.
  • Demolition of damaged drywall and floor trim.
  • Removal of floor boards along perimeter to allow movement of air under the flooring.
  • Moisture monitoring.
  • Placement of professional grade air-movers and Hepa de-humidifiers to assist with mitigation of moisture.
  • Installation of new drywall. This work item included taping, sanding and priming of drywall before painting.
  • Installation of Flat Screen TV Wall Mount in Hawthorne Woods.

Photos from this Recent Flooding and Water Restoration Project in Hawthorne Woods

Our experience as a flood and water damage restoration contractor in Hawthorne Woods provides us with the knowledge required to accomplish a successful restoration project in Hawthorne Woods, IL. If you are seeking a flood and water damage contractor near Hawthorne Woods, All Tech Builders is standing by to handle every facet of your project, from demolition to installation of new drywall, floor trim, etc.  

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