Local Glenview Condo Remodeling Contractor, flooring, painting, canned lighting

Project Location:   Glenview, IL

Project Type:   Condo Remodeling Project

This condo owner was looking for a local contractor that could complete his glenview remodeling project on time and within budget. As they had a set move in date. After reading our Google reviews he knew that we were the best local remodeling project for the job. This recent condo remodeling project included updating various rooms in this condominium.  We installed new floors, canned lighting in various rooms and updated the bathroom slightly by retiling the bathtub / shower wall.

 This recent condo bathroom and bedroom remodeling project in Glenview included:

  • Electrical outlet  and switch upgrades related to remodeling of entire condo: 
  • New Canned Lighting in various rooms of this Glenview Condominium: We ran new conduit and electric for all new canned lighting, light fixtures, kitchen appliances, kitchen outlets, Decora lights witches, etc.  All the aforementioned electrical installations required coordination and inspection by the Glenview.
  • New Vinyl Wood Flooring Installation in various rooms.
  • Installed All new floor trim, window trim and crown molding in Glenview.
  • Demolished old shower/tub wall and installed new tile wall around shower / tub.
  • Whole House Interior Painting for this condominium. Hallways, Kitchen, bathroom and Bedroom Painting.
  • New Vinyl Windows Installed in various rooms.

Photos from this recent condominium remodeling project in Glenview: 

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Our experience as a local kitchen remodeling contractor in Glenview, IL 60015 and Villages nearby, provided us with the knowledge required to accomplish a successful bathroom and condo remodeling project in Glenview.

If you are seeking a local condo or home remodeling contractor in, or near Glenview, All Tech Builders is standing by to handle every facet of your remodeling project, from demolition to installation of any new items including canned lighting, flooring and more.  

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