Local Flooring Contractor: Carpet, Wood & Tile Floor Installer

WOOD FLOORS IMG 0016All Tech Builders and Restoration is a local builder and general contractor specializing in residential and commercial flooring installation and repairs. If you are look for a local flooring contractor in your area, then look no further.  We can handle flooring installation projects of all types and sizes. From simple wood and/tile repairs to complete replacement of sub-floors, padding and carpeting, let us provide a free carpeting, vinyl, wood or tile flooring installation estimate for you today!

LOCAL FLOORING CONTRACTORYour floor is the most used surface in your home or business.  Over the many years and seasons, your carpets and wood/tile floors take a beating. Each type of flooring material reflects a different kind of wear and tear. Well traveled carpet paths become worn and matted. While moisture is a common culprit causing damage to wood floors, cracks and/or degraded grout can be to blame for tile surface failures.  In any case, All Tech Builders can handle flooring replacements for all material types.

WheLocal Flooring Contractor ADA Accessibility Contractor n consulting with the various flooring contractors nearby, be sure to select a flooring contractor that can handle all the facets of your project. As a professional fire and flood restoration contractor, we possess the technical expertise required for all types of flooring installations. Beyond removing and replacing floors, we can also repair and replace trim and moldings as required or desired. We can replace sub-flooring and/or even perform other structural repairs which may include raising floors to provide greater accessibility to persons with disabilities and/or children. We can also resolve underlying structural issues which may result in squeaks and creeks. 

Residential or commercial flooring projects which include structural repairs or reconstruction due to water damage are not the type of projects to be treated like a  DIY (do-it-yourself) project. Nor is it the type of project to put in the hands of an inexperienced local handyman. Be sure to select a contractor like All Tech Builders and Restoration who has been installing carpet, wood and tile floors for homes and businesses in the area since 1996.

We are a professional flooring company in business for over 25 years.   Contact All Tech Builders & Restoration today for a flooring quote today.