Mold Remediation resulted in the Complete replacement of roof and sub-roofAll Tech Builders and Restoration Inc. is a local mold remediation contractor that can solve your mold problem, even if this means replacing your entire roof and sub-roof. This recent mold remediation project in Deerfield was the result of bathroom exhaust fans that were improperly discharging into the attic.   

Bathroom exhaust vents must be vented to the outside, not into the soffits.  Exhaust in soffits creates mold because the air is being drawn back into the attic and results in moisture in the attic space, this results in moisture on the plywood which turns into mold.

Other items included in this Mold Remediation and Roof Replacement Project in Deerfield 60015:

  • Mold Remediation
  • Sub-Roof Replacement
  • Complete Roofing Replacement including new proper soffit installation vented to outside.
  • Replaced eaves, flashings and fascia as required.

If you are seeking a local mold remediation company or roof replacement contractor in Deerfield, IL 60015, then contact All Tech Builders and Restoration for an estimate today.