Fire Damage Repair & Restoration in Wadsworth, IL 60083

All Tech Builders and Restoration was contacted by a home owner in Wadsworth, IL 60083. This customers home suffered fire damage due to a garage burning down and catching fire to the primary structure in Lake County IL.

This fire damage restoration project was a typical example of the type of projects we manage as a professional fire and flood restoration company.  Whereas, fire is the first to damage the home, then the resulting water from the fire hoses, then the mold created from the moisture from the water.

This Lake County Fire Damage Restoration project included complete reconstruction resulting in a new interior and exterior from the basement to the roof. 

Other items constructed or rehabilitated during this multi-family remodeling project:

  • Project included demolition of existing fire and water damaged residential structure
  • 1 story residential reconstruction of the primary structure: New frame work and studs, electrical and HVAC
  • Exterior Typar® wrapping of reconstructed structure which promotes drying in wall systems and helps insulation perform better
  • Complete roof replacement and reconstruction of framing and sub roof
  • Exterior siding and window replacement
  • Kitchen reconstruction to replace fire damaged kitchen which included new counter tops and cabinets.
  • Remodeled 2 bathrooms in the residential living space
  • Carpet replacement
  • Wood flooring Installation
  • Mold remediation 
  • Project included extensive communication and coordination with clients insurance adjuster

If you are seeking a local fire and water damage company which also specializes in mold remediation in, or near Wadsworth, IL, then contact All Tech Builders and Restoration for a free estimate.  

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