Chicago Water Damage Restoration Contractor Window ReplacementProject Location:   Chicago, IL

Project Type:   Water Damage Restoration & Window Replacement

Water damage does not always come from a leaky pipe, sometime a small leaky window can turn into a big problem. All Tech Builders and Restoration specializes in water damage, mold remediation and complete restoration to single-family and multi-family homes.  Therefore, in our many years of doing business, we have seen it all. This client’s owned a multi-story residential structure that had old poor windows which resulted in water leaking .

This property owner first contacted All Tech Builders thinking the repairs were more minimal.  However, upon meeting for the quote the property owner.  We revealed to the owner that the water leaking resulted in additional damage to the interior stud framing and drywall.  At this point it became evident to the owner that the lack of maintenance resulted in further damage to the interior which expanded this project into a larger insurance claim. Once he hear of experience with working with insurance companies. The owner was happy he had contacted us, because we then ushered him through the claims process.

This  Chicago Water Damage and Restoration Project Included:

  • This project included obtaining a building permit with the City of Chicago.
  • Containment of work area during construction, this isolated the work area during this window replacement project, we handled coordination with the various tenants to ensure our team had access to the interior when needed.
  • Installed scaffolding to provide safe access for our workers and to provide protection to the open public sidewalk below.
  • Removal and replacement of water damaged windows, framing and drywall
  • Installation of DuraRock which is strong, water-durable tile base in areas where water use is present.
  • Sealing coating of DuraRock using waterproof membrane in areas where water use is present.
  • Installation of new drywall ceilings, soffit covering and walls. New drywalling includes hanging, taping and sanding.
  • Removal of old window trim and replaced with new 6″ wooden trim and drywall restoration where needed.
  • Painting of all trim and new drywall areas.

Photos from this Recent Chicago Water Damage Project Resulting Window Replacement:

As a Chicago area water damage and restoration contractor we maintain over 20 years experience in fire, flood and water restoration services within the Chicago area and its surrounding suburbs. This affords our team with understanding of the permit process within the City of Chicago. Therefore, we know what work requires permits and what types of work do not require permits.  In both cases, we can take your fire, flood and/or water damage project from catastrophe, back to completion. If you are seeking a local water damage and flood restoration contractor in the Chicago area. Look no further, All Tech Builders can usher you through the permit process and the claims process, contact All Tech Builders today!