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Project Location:  Kildeer, IL 60047

Project Type:   Flooring Installation
(included raising the floor for ADA Accessibility).

All Tech Builders and Restoration Inc. is a local general contractor that installs ADA and Handicap Accessibility solutions in homes and businesses.  This project was required due to the result of an elderly client falling in his home on an uneven floor surface.  The objective behind this recent handicap accessible project we did in Kildeer, IL 60047 was to raise a “lowered floor” so that a person with disabilities could navigate easily through this now “ADA compliant” residential home. Uneven floors can be dangerous and hazardous to children and elderly.  We can remove steps in your home or business by raising or lowering floors and sub-floors to achieve a level floor surface. We also install handicap ramps and detectable warnings to assist individuals with handicaps, while also helping homes and business achieve ADA compliance (American Disability Act).

Other solutions installed by Handicap Accessibility Contractor

  • Rebuilt existing sub-floor to allow proper raising of floor surface to install raised floor
  • Installed new wood floors and trim
  • Installed handicap assist railings in other rooms of the house
  • Demolished and removed old floor and trim
  • Achieved ADA Compliant Flooring for Residential Home

If you are seeking a local general contractor to assist with handicap accessibility, then contact All Tech Builders and Restoration for an estimate.  We can also assist in ADA compliance construction for commercial properties.