Mold Remediation

All Tech Builders and Restoration is a local mold remediation contractor based in Wheeling, IL who serves the Chicago area and suburbs. As a professional mold remediation contractor, we specialize in the complete removal of mold and restoration to your home or business after mold remediation and/or water damage. Furthermore, in order to help prevent a repeat occurrence, we will inspect your structure (and property) to discover the source of your mold manifestation and/or water damage.

Mold RemediationWater damage and infiltration will certainly cause mold growth in your home or business.  Addressing a mold issue like a  DIY (do-it-yourself) project is not recommended. As certain types of mold (or excessive amounts of other molds) may present health hazards to those residing in the home and to those cleaning up or resolving your mold issue.  Professional mold cleaning is promptly required  to help prevent the growth and spread of mold. We have the adequate safety gear, mold remediation materials and equipment required to protect those who reside in your home, as well as to protect our workers. 

When consulting with various mold remediation contractors, it is important that you select the mold remediation contractor who will provide proper containment. Protecting the indoor environment during the remediation of mold is a very important aspect for all mold remediation projects. This is because cleaning/disturbing mold can also cause the spread and be redistribution of mold by air. Our team will contain your impacted area by setting up a containment system, which will include placement of HEPA-filtered exhaust units spread through the home.

Our mold remediation service includes the demolition of all damaged materials. For surfaces and materials which remain, we apply hospital-grade Shockwave antimicrobial sanitizer & fungicide, to ensure all areas are addressed. Furthermore, we also hand apply antifungal encapsulant (clear or light gray tint) to discourage future mold growth to treated areas.

Do we have a mold problem? and if so, how do we resolve mold?

Signs to look for: Visible mold Strong, musty odors Past moisture exposure Excessive humidity If any of the above are present, it is a good indication that there is a mold problem that needs further evaluation and treatment. Visible mold may only be the beginning to what may actually be hiding deeper within walls and surfaces. 

If you have mold or water damage, then contact All Tech Builders and Restoration today for a consultation and quote. We are capable removing the contaminated materials using professional techniques, we will achieve your goal of complete mold remediation by disinfecting, sanitizing and dehumidifying the area, and we can rebuild and restore your area to conditions which are better than before your fire and/or flood incident.

All Tech Builders and Restoration holds IICRC certifications in (WRT) water damage restoration, fire damage restoration and (CMR) mold remediation. 

We invite you to view our portfolio, which showcases some of our recent remodeling, mold remediation or construction projects. If you have an upcoming project and wish to achieve an estimate.  

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