Local Water Damage and Flood Restoration in Northbrook

Project Location:   Northbrook, IL

Project Type:   Total Roofing, Facia and Soffit Replacement

This recent roofing replacement project in Northrbook included any required repairs to the sub-roofing, replacement of all aluminum flashing, facia and soffits.  This homeowner did not wait until an issue became apparent.  They were aware that their existing roof was becoming old and deteriorated.  So they scheduled and inspection with All Tech Builders.  Once they received our estimate, they decided it was a good time to perform these much needed repairs on this property which they are using as an investment rental property.

 This Recent Roofing Project in Northbrook Included:

  • Removal of old roof. This included complete removal of the two existing layers of roofing shingles.
  • Roll-Off  Dumpster for Quick and Clean Removal of the Old Roof.  This included daily removal and dumping of old roofing shingles.
  • Repaired Any Damaged Sub-Roofing. This included removal and replacement of any sub-roofing with apparent water damage and/or mold resulting from moisture.
  • Removed/ Replaced and Installed New Aluminum and Vinyl Flashing, Facia, Soffits, Trim and Skylight Window Trim 
  • New Roofing Shingle Installation

Photos from this recent Roofing, Facia and Soffit Project in Northbrook, IL

Our experience as a restoration contractor in Northbrook and Villages nearby, provided us with the knowledge required to accomplish this successful roofing replacement project in Northbrook, IL.  We procured all the required permits to perform this residential roof replacement project in Northbrook, IL.

If you are seeking a local roofing contractor in or near Northbrook, All Tech Builders is standing by to handle every facet of your roofing replacement project, from demolition to installation of any new roofing related items.  

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