2 Mold

Project Location:   Chicago, IL

Project Type: Flooded Basement, Water Damage Restoration + Mold Remediation

All Tech Builders is a local Chicago flood restoration and mold remediation company who specializes in flooding and water damage restoration. We can also manage the resulting mold remediation which will be required to make your space safe to occupy. As a local flood restoration and mold remediation contractor we like to feature projects in our blog which exhibit our ability to provide various services. This project is a perfect example of how we served as a liaison to this customers insurance company and was able to achieve funding via a claim against our customers house insurance policy. In this case, the water damage and resulting mold was caused from sump pump failures and leaking windows and was covered by the clients policy.

Other work performed by flood restoration and mold remediation contractor

Rebuilt existing sub-floor to allow proper raising of floor surface to install raised floor

  • Replaced Failed Sump Pump
  • Discovered the source of additional water leaks near window wells
  • Installed Containment Area to Perform Work
  • HEPA-filtered exhaust units spread through the home.
  • Demolished and removed old flooring, drywall and trim
  • For surfaces and materials which remained, we “hand applied “hospital-grade Shockwave antimicrobial sanitizer & fungicide, to ensure all areas are addressed.
  • Hand applied anti-fungal encapsulate (clear or light gray tint) to discourage future mold growth to treated areas.
  • Installed new wood floors and trim

If you are seeking a local flood restoration and mold remediation contractor in Chicago, then contact All Tech Builders and Restoration for an estimate.