Chicago Water Damage Restoration Contractor Window ReplacementProject Location:   Hoffman Estates, IL

Project Type:  Exterior Woodpecker Damage Repair in Hoffman Estates

Woodpecker damage is a common occurrence in northern Illinois. All Tech Builders and Restoration specializes in repairing woodpecker damage to single-family and multi-family homes.  Therefore, in our many years of doing business, we have seen it all. This client’s owned a residential structure that had pine exterior siding also known as T1-11 Siding.

This property owner first contacted All Tech Builders thinking the wood pecker damage and repairs were more minimal.  However, upon inspecting the entire structure we found extensive damage that required repairs resulting in substantial costs.   After reviewing our detailed quote this client decided to move forward with the project.

Our team began by removing all damaged siding and replacing it with high-quality material that would not only match but also improve the appearance of the home. We also made sure to properly seal all seams and joints to prevent further damage from pests. In addition, we repaired any underlying structural damage caused by the woodpeckers, ensuring that the integrity of the home was restored. Our team takes great care in making sure that all repairs are done correctly and thoroughly, so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands.

After completing the repairs, we then moved on to painting and staining the exterior to give it a fresh new look. Our experienced painters used

This  Chicago Water Damage and Restoration Project Included:

  • This project included obtaining a building permit with the Village of Hoffman Estates
  • Repaired all damaged exterior wood siding by either replacement us T1-11 Panels or by patching.
  • We properly seal all seams and joints to prevent further damage from woodpeckers, squirrels and other pests

Photos from this Recent Exterior Damage Caused by Woodpecker

As a Hoffman Estates restoration contractor we maintain over 20 years experience in fire, flood and water restoration services within the Chicago area and its surrounding suburbs. This affords our team with experience that is required when performing repairs to your homes exterior. If you are seeking a woodpecker damage repair contractor in Hoffman Estates and nearby, look no further, All Tech Builders can help you through the claims process, contact All Tech Builders today!